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As Einstein proved in his theory of relativity, everything is energy.  Including us. Not only are we made up of energy but we are directly effected by other people’s energy on a daily basis. You can often  times feel when someone is in a bad mood without them saying a word. This can easily affect our own mood. Our senses pick up on subtle  energetic cues and frequencies from everything that surrounds us.

As children, we are highly open and even more sensitive.  We are  sponges as we bring in new information and try and make sense of the world. We are not only taking in what people are saying, but we are  subconsciously picking up on their energy and reacting to it.  Since  we are so open, childhood is often the time when we begin to form  lasting energetic patterns.

Therefore, we want to make sure that the patterns being formed are healthy.  Kids pick up on energy at school, during  interactions with other children, from TV, but most  importantly from you!

As a Reiki master I do energy work on a lot of families and the  interesting thing I have noticed is that the energetic patterns/blocks  are in most cases identical between parents and their kids.  Children  subconsciously absorb /react to the energy the parents are putting  forth.  Therefore, by keeping yourself in a joyful space, this helps  children to model this same type of behavior.  Many parents forget to  take care of themselves and they begin to suffer energetically as they are continually giving to everyone but themselves.

A way to keep your own energy replenished and in a good space is by  making what I like to call a joy list.  List at least 30 things that  bring you joy.  This can be something little like eating a piece of  chocolate, buying yourself flowers, or taking a bath to something big  like going on a vacation.  Make sure that everyday you do at least one  of the little things off your list and once a year you do something big.  Take time to connect to the joy and appreciate the gift you are  giving yourself.  Reinforce that you are worth it. By reinforcing this  in yourself, you are reinforcing it your kids.


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