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The New Year is upon us and now is the perfect time to help your children think about how they would like 2011 to unfold.  Setting intentions is a way of life–even science has proven a link between conscious thought and the experiences we have.  Forming positive intentions it is something that children must be encouraged and show how to do.


Setting intentions is simply the act of formulating a clear list of feelings you would like to experience and goals you would like to accomplish; and then releasing your attachment to them.  Children are AMAZINGLY good at this!  For those who are too young to really formulate thoughts separate from mom and dad, let them watch you as you make your list or create your vision board, or talk to them about what you are hoping to feel and/or accomplish in 2011.  You will be modeling a habit that will serve them well as they get older.


Children age four and up should be encouraged to have fun, think outside the box and form intentions without a parent’s well-intentioned limitations.  To help the process, ask your child to draw a picture of what they will look like, feel like and/or experience in the coming year.  Let them cut pictures out and make a collage or vision board or give them a new journal to write their list in.  Let them make a crossword with their favorite feeling words or write a poem to express how they want to be seen in the coming months.


To help encourage your children here are some leading questions that you can ask:


1.   What is your favorite feeling in the whole world?  Describe how you are when you are feeling that feeling.

2.   What do you look like when you are your happiest, your most content, your most excited?

3.  Who are you with when you are the happiest, most loving or having the most fun?

4.  What color comes to mind when you are feeling happy, loving, excited?

5.  What sound makes you feel like all of your dreams are coming true?

6.  When you think about being in your heart, what music do you hear?

7.  Describe your favorite time that you can remember and use feeling words.


The most important thing to remember is that there are no right or wrong intentions.  The point of this exercise is to set conscious intentions and line them up with how we will feel when those goals are met.  Words and thoughts are powerful; help your child(ren) live with positive intentions by leading them to consciously choose what they want to experience in life.


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